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Using the bank for business finance and your business loan

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The time when you could walk into a bank, see a bank manager, tell him (in those days it was a him) what you wanted to do, tell him how much you needed to borrow and walk out knowing you had the money, are long gone unfortunately.

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How to read a profit and loss statement

If you are new to business you probably will not have had a lot to do with business financial statements. All that will change when you start your own business and you will need to gain an understanding of how a profit and loss statement is put together. Here is a quick guide to get you started:

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Financing a franchise, what the bank wants

Entering a franchise nearly always involves an entry fee, other set-up costs as well as ongoing fees and royalties. These can vary widely, depending on the individual business, the type of franchise for sale and other factors such as location, size, rent and goodwill. While many prospective franchisees have equity available in the form of […]

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Seven tips on getting a business loan

There may be somewhat of a ‘banking war’ going on as Banks push to recruit new customers but they are still selective about whom they lend to – especially when it comes to getting a business loan.  Now, as much as at any other time, you must win the confidence of your lender when funding […]

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Cashflow forecasts and liquidity

Cash Flow Forecasting – as the name suggests it is a projection of the flow of cash over a period of time, usually on a monthly basis and covers a twelve-month period. It is a summary of cash banked, payments made, and the resultant effect on your bank balance. A business may be profitable, but […]

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Cash flow financing or factoring finance for your business

Understanding Cash flow Finance or Factoring Factoring and Discounting are two options for businesses to improve their business cashflow. Factoring is the sale of current and future invoices to a third party, the “factor.” Up to 90% is initially paid, with the balance paid (less charges) once the customer makes payment. Cashflow finance provides immediate […]

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3 Tax considerations when buying a business

As well as a lifestyle choice, the number one reason to buy a business is the intention of making money. All too often buyers neglect to put any serious thought into downstream tax considerations, yet the easiest dollar your business will ever make is the dollars you save. Plan the purchase so as to minimise tax, […]

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Securing business finance is as easy as going online

BizFinance, an online business finance service site, has proved a huge hit for small and medium business ventures. is an easy-to-use tool towards securing business finance. The system information and advice is sound, confidential and helps buyers access the most competitive business interest rate and terms available on the market for medium and small […]

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